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Software for visualization, design, and selections
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Chameleon Power is the ideal software technology to drive demand and specification of your products.
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3D | Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality

We’ve introduced the first 3D visualizer engine for websites, iPad, and Android.
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Mobile Apps

Chameleon Power has pioneered mobile app development for the building and decorating industries.
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Image Rendering

Our designers provide a full suite of services including 2D and 3D renders, lifestyle scene creation, and product simulation.
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Color Technologies

Analyze, create, and manage accurate color palettes with revolutionary color software.
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Showcase your products in photo-realistic detail.

Help capture thousands of new leads monthly.

Help convert more than 2/3 of users into buyers.

Create a fun and memorable online experience for your customers.

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What They’re Saying

This tool is fantastically designed and executed. Just wanted to compliment those who helped build it!

Chris B

CertainTeed User

This is a great service to allow a customer to view their home with different colors. I am very pleased with the mapping.

Paul C.

PlyGem User

This program is excellent. Showcases all PlyGem products while giving future homeowners the ability to see what the house could look like.

Kim R

PlyGem User

I love your app. It helped me decide which color roof to get. I thought I had my choice right but I decided to use your ROOFviewer program and I am very glad I did as I realized there was a better color choice for my home. Thanks!

Robert C.

IKO User

I think your program is the bomb! I am not good with colors and needed to know what a small house roof would look like with different colors.

Linda M.

GAF User

Just love the Roof Designer. It gives a much clearer picture of what the shingles will look like with your existing house colors!

Cat D.

Malarkey User