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Augmented Reality

View photo-realistic virtual products in a real-world environment.

View Products in your Own Environment

Chameleon Power's Augmented Reality applications combine reality and virtual reality to provide a fun, interactive way for users to visualize product options in their own environments. After capturing a real subject on camera, our technology augments the real-world image with extra layers of digital information, whether it be a house on an empty lot, carpet on a floor, or a piece of furniture in a room. This not only simplifies the selection process, but creates a sense of confidence in buyer decisions. After all, they have seen their choices in "real life" already!

Augmented Reality Tools for Manufacturers, Retailers, Designers, and Consumers:

  • Analyze and view product choices in three dimensional spaces.
  • Photo-realistic and color-accurate products for more precise planning.
  • Save your designs to display your ideas in a professional visual presentation.

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Augmented Reality Lot Selection Application

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