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Blend & Pattern Tools

Our blend tools help configure designs and patterns

Chameleon + Creativity

Mosaics, backsplash tiles, slate, medallions, and other unique materials inspire a deeper design and selection approach than traditional room visualizers. Whether you’re a design amateur or professional, you can unleash your creative side with our suite of blend and design tools.

Make Your Home a Virtual Canvas:

  • Design and build beautiful tile backsplash.
  • Imagine and create amazing tile mosaics.
  • Create your own floor tile and carpet patterns.
  • Compose unique slate and tile medallions.


Tailored to You

With Chameleon blending tools, a user can configure a unique outcome that is tailored for their designs styles and tastes.


Share your unique designs across your favorite social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Endless Options

Create your products using multiple colors, sizes, patterns, and product types.


Our software also gives you the option to easily save, email, and print your designs.
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