Color Tools & Services

Color science is a core strength of Chameleon Power, and we love helping clients evolve their color systems.

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    Color Accuracy
    Chameleon Power offers color accuracy in conjunction with all
    of its tooks and services. Our in-house photography studio
    prints color-accurate product samples, our online and in-store
    visualizer tools display color accurate product choices, and
    our digital fan deck tools display precise color swatches.

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    Color Harmony
    Chameleon Power's color harmony engine, PHI, blends art and
    science to create perfect color combinations. Our algorithms
    create a solution that defines and replicates color outcomes
    based on natural definitions within color space.

Constantly Evolving

Chameleon Power complements its color tools and services with a full suite of compatible software tools and services.


  • Photography & Print Services
    Color-accurate photography and print services to showcase your products.
  • 3D Color Spaces
    Create, analyze, and view color and color palettes in both 2D and 3D color spaces.
  • Preview Selections
    Preview color selections in a room scene of your choice.

See it in Action

Check out a few of our web visualizers.

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Chameleon Power’s configuration and visualization technology is used in a wide variety of different industries.
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