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April 2021

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Innovations In Color Learn About Chromalyzer

Innovations in Color Marketing Technology Seminar

North Carolina State University
Color Science and Imaging Labs

Novi, MI | April 2021

Chameleon Power’s Phil Kenyon was honored to join Professor Shamey at North Carolina State University as a guest lecturer on the topic of Innovations in Color Marketing Technology and Chromalyzer.

“The students really enjoyed it, especially seeing the color renderings and how you could visualize what colors would look like in different settings. Another mentioned seeing the most popular colors, and comparisons against existing sets. There were many many positive reactions!” said Renzo Shamey, Professor and Director of Color Science and Imaging Laboratories TECS, North Carolina State University.

In this lecture, Phil Kenyon discussed the challenge faced by marketing professionals, color scientists, and color analysts to collaborate to analyze color trends, communicate color recommendations from marketing data, and then produce the appropriate and accurate colors and palettes.

The innovation demonstrated was the Chromalyzer 3D software that enables color professionals to analyze colors using color data, and then produce data-driven results to compare palettes, develop colors in specific color ranges, automatically generate palettes, and much more.

“I appreciated the flexibility of the user interface and how it can be geared for precisely what is in mind,” said Professor Shamey.

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About Professor Renzo Shamey, PhD, CCol, FSDC and North Carolina State University

Professor Renzo Shamey PhD, CCol, FSDC serves as Ciba Professor and Director of the Color Science and Imaging Laboratories TECS, North Carolina State University. The Wilson College of Textiles at NC State is recognized as the number one textiles institution in the world.

About Phil Kenyon, Chameleon Power

Phil Kenyon serves as the Vice President Color Solutions at Chameleon Power and as a member of CMG. With 20+ years in the color merchandising industry, he has developed innovative Color projects with multinational coatings companies, often in conjunction with academic study groups involving groundbreaking digital technologies.

About Chameleon Power

Chameleon Power is the leader in photorealistic visualization in 2D, 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Chameleon Power applications help businesses speed sales conversions by enabling their customers to configure, see and experience choices in a life-like digital environment. Chameleon Power’s visualization engine employs proprietary color and appearance technology, and incorporates a robust content management system to facilitate seamless image and product data utilization across all mobile and web platforms.

Chameleon Power visualizers are used by category-leading companies in building, remodeling, construction and home décor, and are being adopted in all industries where visualization is critical to the purchase decision. For more information visit or follow us @chameleon_power on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

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