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Railing Design Goes Virtual with Visualization Technology

Novi, MI | October 2021

Key-Link Fencing & Railing is utilizing Chameleon Power’s visualization platform to help customers with outdoor railing design.

Key-Link Fencing & Railing, a leading manufacturer of aluminum railing systems for residential and commercial applications, has partnered with Chameleon Power, the leader in photographic visualization solutions, to provide a next-generation visualization experience for its customers. The visualization platform provides a photo-realistic view of the Key-Link railing products within actual outdoor scenes, assisting users with type and color decisions.

With just a few clicks, consumers, contractors, and distributors can select and view Key-Link railings within their selected scenes. “We knew that strong visuals were incredibly powerful, even before the pandemic. Now they are even more important. With the focus on outdoor living space or connecting with nature, the visualizer lets people dream about and see how their space can be,” said Heather Bowman, Director of Marketing of Key-Link.

Key-Link noticed a strong trend of homeowners wanting hands-on participation in deck design, so Key-Link wanted to give them the ability to visualize what unique railing could add to their outdoor living area.

“When homeowners see how Key-Link railing can enhance a space, they are going to reach out to their contractor or dealer and ask for this product specifically,” said Heather. “That makes the visualizer a tool that benefits our entire channel.”

The solution is a new Chameleon visualizer that makes it easy to envision Key-Link railings as part of an outdoor living space. This new technology also takes the experience a step further with a unique feature to independently change the scenic background. Now you can select a scene and railings, and then switch the background to options like a beach or a landscape to best reflect the project environment.

“It’s always exciting to work with an industry leader like Key-Link. They envisioned a better way to serve their discerning clientele, and we found a way to offer something new with the ability to change the environment/scenery. No other visualizer offers this flexibility,” said Dan Dempsey, CEO of Chameleon Power.

Try the Railing visualizer to experience creating the perfect outdoor living space. Contact Chameleon Power to learn more about the leading visualization technologies for any industry.

About Key-Link Fencing & Railing

Key-Link Fencing & Railing is a leading manufacturer of aluminum rail and fence systems for residential and commercial installations with high-quality, simple, and easy-to-install products that both homeowners and contractors rave about. Key-Link products are designed to help homeowners create beautiful, distinctive outdoor spaces and retreats. Learn more at Key-Link Fencing & Railing at keylinkonline.com.

About Chameleon Power

Chameleon Power is the leader in photorealistic visualization technologies. Our visualizer technologies and AR, VR and AI tools help businesses speed sales conversions and gain leads by enabling customers to configure, see, and experience choices in a life-like digital environment.

Chameleon technologies are utilized by leading companies in the building, remodeling, and home décor industries and are being adopted in any industry where visualization is critical to the purchase decision. For more information visit chameleonpower.com or follow us @chameleon_power on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

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