Technology: Digital marketing, software companies make their presence known at TISE
February 9, 2020

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Technology: Digital marketing, software companies make their presence known at TISE

Novi, MI | February 9, 2020

Las Vegas—Flooring technology, just like flooring products, continue to evolve every year. As businesses grow, the software and digital programs that assist flooring dealers with their day-to-day operations must stay in lockstep. The technology shown at The International Surface Event (TISE) covered all the bases from measuring software and room visualization to b2b selling solutions and CRM systems.

Chameleon Power specializes in visualization software. At TISE the company showcased its RoomVision, View In My Room and Color Harmonizer—all part of the company’s suite of visualization tools.

“Users get our auto-masking technology found in View In My Room, which we just launched this year,” said Robert Willard, manager – digital marketing. “They can snap a photo of their room and then visualize the floor in that room. They also get a comparison slider where they can see side by side comparisons.”

What’s more, the company offers a Dynamic Color Board, which keeps track of the different patterns and colors they’re choosing within the room scene or within their own room. Users also have access to the Color Harmonizer, which uses Chameleon Power’s color-science engine to make color recommendations for people.

RoomVision is available to pros and consumers at

About Chameleon Power

Chameleon Power is the leader in photorealistic visualization in 2D, 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Chameleon Power applications help businesses speed sales conversions by enabling their customers to configure, see and experience choices in a life-like digital environment. Chameleon Power’s visualization engine employs proprietary color and appearance technology, and incorporates a robust content management system to facilitate seamless image and product data utilization across all mobile and web platforms.

Chameleon Power visualizers are used by category-leading companies in building, remodeling, construction and home décor, and are being adopted in all industries where visualization is critical to the purchase decision. For more information visit or follow us @chameleon_power on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

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