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Interactive Web Visualization
Delivers Sales

Visualization technology offers an unforgettable interactive experience with instant life-like views of every color, material, and design option…from any location and device! This digital experience engages the customer, simplifies the purchase decision, and speeds the design and sales process.

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AR & Mobile Apps

Chameleon's AR (Augmented Reality) tools combine the real-world and virtual reality to create a fun and interactive way to visualize products and options in their environment. And with our mobile apps clients can use visualization tools wherever and however they choose, and pros can leave samples and price books behind!

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3D & VR

Chameleon 3D & VR Technology

Our interactive 3D engines deliver life-like outcomes. Clients enjoy a realistic virtual experience when they make selections and interact in views from every angle.

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Photo Upload/AI

AI-based photo upload simplifies design and material selection with the ability to snap a photo and see optionsIN AN UPLOADED IMAGE. Take it to the next level with smart AI tools to match people to options based on preferences, technical information, and/or color data combined with visualization tools.
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Photo Upload Technology
Building product selection checklist with roofing and siding options

Color Science Technology

Our color science tools and color harmony engine PHI, blend art and science to create perfect color combinations. Our algorithms define and replicate color outcomes based on natural definitions within color space.

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