RoomVision | Visualize Flooring Options in Your Room Instantly


See a new flooring option in your room in seconds with our photo-realistic visualization technology.

RoomVision flooring software displayed on laptop and desktop computers

How it Works:

  • Hand holding phone taking picture icon
    Take a photo of your room
  • Upload icon
    Load the photo to RoomVision
  • Web Visualizer with room scene icon
    Select and view a variety of product options
  • Save icon
    Save your project and share the results

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Bring your company into the digital age.

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  • Reduces dependency on samples

  • Speeds up selection process

  • Increases customer confidence and satisfaction

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Instant Results.
Unprecedented Realism.

Shoppers simply snap a photo and we showcase your products in the room in seconds with the click of a button. Chameleon Power's industry-leading visualization technology provides photo-realistic results.

Sell More of Your Products.

Because they can visualize the product in their space before buying, shoppers feel confident in their product decisions and are more likely to purchase them.

visualize flooring product in room instantly
phone taking photo of room and trying new flooring option

Keep Up With Expectations.

Visualization is here to stay. Almost every home furnishing brand is working on developing a visualization solution to allow their customers to view product options before buying. The world is changing fast, and people have come to expect this type of innovation. Don't fall behind.

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